I guess when you start a journey, you need to start somewhere ? Right ? Well no not really because sometimes you are not really sure where you are. No you say, you always know where you are. If not you are lost !

I’m not lost – I’m just not quite sure where I am

Captain Cook

Now that’s the truth ! We often appear to not really know where we are. OK maybe not physically – we usually know we are at home, or in the office. But wait that’s just the physical body the bones – is that the real me? I think we are a lot more than that. Gone are the days when ‘famous pop stars’ went on a world trip to ‘find themselves’. However many of us feel the need to find what makes us tick, who we like, what we enjoy, what are we good at? All great questions but how often do they just float off somewhere as we change TV channel or get up to go to the bar?